Drupal 8 is Coming to UNI (finally)

Drupal 8 logo

With the appearance of release candidates for Drupal 8, we're getting closer to developing sites at UNI in D8. The UNI web server needs some upgrades to be Drupal 8 compatible, and work has begun on converting the Default UNI Theme and some key custom UNI modules to D8.

The current D8 migration timeline at UNI:

Nov. 1     Dev server is compatible with Drupal 8

Dec. 1     Initial release of D8 Default UNI Theme

Jan. 1     Stage and Production servers compatible with Drupal 8

Jan. 30   First sites released in Drupal 8 (smaller, simpler sites)

For more information on Drupal 8 development process, or how to set up a local install of Drupal 8 on your computer, contact DeWayne Purdy, Charles Sanders or Celeste Parker.

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