UNI Web Policy

All Institutional web pages must contain:

  • An approved university web site header, which includes the university nameplate, linking back to the UNI Home Page.
  • The name, email address and a mailto link of the maintainer of the site (which must resolve to an administrative address, monitored by a full-time university staff or faculty member).
  • Effective January 21, 2010, all UNI institutional websites (colleges, departments and other academic or non-academic units) must use a header template that conforms to the UNI visual standards. All sites must also conform to the university official web colors for use of purple and gold on the site.
  • The purple header bar in #4b116f is required on all UNI departmental sites.      
  • The nameplate or "University of Northern Iowa" in the font Imago Extra Bold must be included in the purple bar. It is available as a default part of the theme. The Imago Extra Bold font is also available from University Relations.     
  • The site-wide UNI search is not required, but if it is used it must be included in the purple bar to provide a consistent experience for users. A "Drupal-site only" search located anywhere in the purple bar is prohibited to avoid confusion. Instead, a site-wide search (of only the department web site, for instance) should be placed in a sidebar block or other area of the site.   
  • The UNI toolbar (e.g. E-Mail | MyUNIverse | eLearning | ...) may be used in part, or in its entirety. It also can be entirely omitted. However, if used, you may not add new links. The upper right hand corner of the purple bar is reserved for the toolbar. For example, you could use E-Mail, MyUNIverse, eLearning, and the Directory links, but are not allowed to add "Department Resources" as a link in the Toolbar.    
  • A site's primary navigation may be located in the purple bar, if desired, using the UNI-TopMenu theme (See UNI Web Page Headers).

Also please visit the pages regarding Use of the UNI Nameplate and UNI Web Colors.

NOTE: The previous policy calling for the inclusion of the date of last revision has been suspended. It is no longer necessary to include that information on your web pages.

The information on Institutional Web Pages above and below is only a portion of the entire UNI Web Policy, pertaining only to institutional (college, division and department) web pages. Other UNI Policies that may be pertinent to your situation include:

UNI Policies and Procedures
9.51 Academic Computing Policy
9.57 Domain Name Service Policy

Institutional web pages

Each administrative unit of the University is expected to have an institutional web page(s). These pages will be linked to the University home site and intranet (or intranets) as needed to best serve the audiences of each. Institutional web pages must link to all subordinate web sites desired to be found by the University search

  • Each University administrative unit is responsible for the content and accuracy of its web site as well as for keeping it up-to-date.       
  • All material on these sites is the copyright domain of the university, not the employee nor the unit that created it.    
  • For information and processes directed primarily to on-campus audiences, the web should be used at least as an additional, if not the primary, means of communication whenever possible.        
  • In the case of information and processes targeted primarily to off-campus audiences through traditional media, strong consideration should be given to using the web as well (and to reference the web site in the traditional media).         
  • Institutional offices are responsible for maintaining accurate and timely information on their site. They will also adhere to a set of guidelines outlined above.