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Using UNI Nameplates/Graphics

University of Northern Iowa logoThe UNI Nameplate is the purple and gold University of Northern Iowa graphic at the top of this page. It is an official mark of the university. On many web pages it provides a visual link to the University, as well as a link to the UNI Home Page (a link to the UNI Home Page, graphic or text, is required on every UNI College and Departmental site UNI Web Policy)

The UNI Nameplate must be used exactly as it is provided, no alterations of any kind are permitted, with the exception of proportionally resizing it. It may NOT be taken apart, elements used separately (such as the window graphic), and the colors may not be changed.

Four versions are provided, horizontal version and vertical versions with the entire University of Northern Iowa name, and horizontal version and vertical versions using the UNI abbreviation.

Instructions for accessing the Nameplate graphics